1. sup?

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    He doesn’t look as sexy for an caucasian guy in black face like beyonce looks super sexy. But he does look way weird in...
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    I’m not a racist.
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    Perhaps. But you’re racist as all hell. So..
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    I’m done here. Ignorant bigot is ignorant bigot.
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    You look like “blackface” look it up I think this is why some people find this offensive. Idk what you mean by this...
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    White peopel really do suck. Like, you paint your skin black and talk about “Niggers, niggering” and claim not to be...
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    He fuckin tried it
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    …..i’m guessing he needed attention…poor guy…. TRAGIC
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    Its sad how stupid this is ….Years ago White people use to paint the skin black to make fun of black people .. to a...
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    Omg you guys. Stop being niggers. He’s just being an artist and as everyone knows art is exempt from criticism.
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    Ok I guess Jackass but here’s the secret about the internet you can say or do or upload whatever you want up here but be...
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    This is me.
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    Niggers Niggering. Niggers NIGGERING.
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    This conversation though
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    But wait, you guyz! You see when a white person digitally paints themselves as blackface (as opposed to physically), it...
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    but you still wrong
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    Well its stupid ……
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    this is why i hate white people.
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    Lol it was a misspell but obviously your not worth the time. Because that’s the only thing you could point out. So...
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    I am really trying to figure out what you were thinking when you did this…