1. goodbye forever, what the fuck


  5. thehundredacrewoodsband:

    I give you head
    before you head

    to therapy 


  6. noisy-nora:

    Birthday Song - Frankie Cosmos


  7.       ‘I should add noise to my pictures so that when I’m older and looking back at college pictures, I’ll feel the proper nostalgia’ I just thought. Thats so silly. My only concept of reminiscing about past college days comes from old grainy photos. I wish I just existed with just the base feelings instead of what I think they should be.             I’m sure i’ll get the same feeling because my old college photos wont be in 3d or something.

  8. I love the usefulness of photoshop


  9. literaryvariation:


    We’re the generation of women who will teach their sons to act respectfully instead of teaching our daughters to beware

    This is everything I stand for.

    "We’re the generation that won’t teach our daughters to protect themselves"

    (via morbid-enlightenment)